What’s Next?

FutureIssues copyEverybody’s stories should be shared. You know knitting is special. You know that you knit love into every stitch. You know a hand knit garment carries with it the thoughts and feelings that you put into each and every stitch. You know that every project you’ve ever made can tell its own story. Now, in Stories In Stitches™, you can read about the stories of pieces designed and made by knitters throughout history and around the world. You can add your story to theirs. You can learn from their legacy of stitching and pass on your own to future generations. You can be part of a human chain made up of men and women, old and young, rich and poor, people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and religions, all joined together through their stories and their knitting. And you can make the world a better place stitch by stitch. 

What’s Coming Next?
Stories In Stitches 6

Release date Sept 2016