Wow!! Stories in Stitches is fantastic!!! The mail on Monday brought my copies of Stories in Stitches. I have already read them cover to cover. What a great publication. The main reason I buy books and magazines is for the articles and stories; the designs are secondary. Stories in Stitches captures exactly what I like in knitting publications.

–Myrna A. Stahman, Stahman’s Shawls and Scarves


Thank you so much for your beautiful new book. I am really enjoying reading about Dorothy Reade and Anna Marie Jensen and their lives and lace work. The layout and photographs are wonderful, and the patterns inspiring. The little pence jug is a nice surprise.

–Susanna E. Lewis, Knitting Lace


Stories In Stitches are by Donna Druchunas and Ava Coleman, two women passionate about the art, craft, and history of knitting. From the moment I opened the first volume, I was entranced. The writing is skilful; the art of the book is appealing; the designs are at once modern and steeped in the past. These books belong in the library of anyone similarly entranced with past and present of our craft.

–Gayle Clow, Patternfish