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Once upon a time (some stories should begin that way, I am told) there were two friends who loved to research and write about their knitting.

Ava and Donna

Ava Coleman (left) and Donna Druchunas (right)

These friends, Donna Druchunas and Ava Coleman, had the good fortune of being asked by a wonderfully kind editor, Jeane Hutchins, to help tell her story about a very special pink silk purse. After Jeane’s short story was told, the two friends shared many cups of tea, over a many month span, bemusing how fun it would be to share other special stories. Many of these just can’t be told in a few paragraphs, but there wasn’t a place they seemed to fit–a magazine article’s word allowances are too short and book content requirements are too lengthy. The friends decided to create something to fill in this gap.

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Stories In Stitches is a brand new book series from Donna Druchunas and Ava Coleman featuring stories about knitters and their lives, traditions, history, and travel, all tied together with knitting patterns and projects.

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Stories In Stitches™ provides more space than a magazine to share history, provide longer patterns, more detailed tutorials, photographs, and charts without grouping the topics into a more generalized publication. All that, and no ads!

fas·ci·cle noun \ˈfa-si-kəl\ Definition of FASCICLE 1 : a small or slender bundle (as of pine needles or nerve fibers) 2 : one of the divisions of a book published in parts

In the pages of Stories In Stitches, we will share our favorite stories and knitting know-how with readers around the world. Each volume will include projects from a far-away time or place. It is our desire to inspire and empower knitters of all skill levels to move beyond the line-by-line pattern into the realm of creating their own modern folk-art designs. We hope you enjoy our idea. Sincerely, Ava & Donna P.S. You can read more of our personal stories in Stories In Stitches 1. Inside vol. 1

More About Ava

Ava Coleman began knitting at the age of three. By the age of sixteen, she was marketing her knits in Snowmass and Aspen. That same year she began teaching knitting to her fellow Girl Scouts. She has designed, edited and knitted for CRYSTAL PALACE, WINDY VALLEY MUSKOX , YARN PLACE and SKASKA. Her knitting history articles have been published on-line, in books, magazines and leaflets. Her knitted pieces have been featured in numerous fashion shows and as vendor booth models at STITCHES, TKGA and TNNA. Ava has a unique perspective of the yarn industry. As a Certified ASI Wool Classer, she spent eight years teaching wool processing techniques, quality control, and knitting in Central Asia for the United States Agency for International Development. Selected as a COLORADO STATE HERITAGE ARTIST in 1997, her knitted lace designs have been showcased in numerous museums and galleries, including the Premier of Denver International Airport’s Public Art Gallery. Her work was awarded a first place in the WOOL FESTIVAL AT TAOS. She has been profiled in THE ESTES PARK TRAIL GAZZETTE and AMERICAN WOOL GROWER MAGAZINE. TCI Cablevision and the DISCOVERY CHANNEL (HOMEMATTERS) have produced and presented features on her knitted lace work.

More About Donna

Donna Druchunas escaped a corporate cubicle to honor her passions for knitting, world travel, research, and writing. She is the author of six knitting books including ARCTIC LACE, SUCCESSFUL LACE KNITTING, KITTY KNITS, and ETHNIC KNITTING DISCOVERY & EXPLORATION. Donna has just finished writing a book about knitting in Lithuania which will be coming out next spring. Before she returned to knitting, Donna spent almost 20 years working in corporate cubicles as a writer, designer, and creative services manager. Her cubes were in military training facilities, small businesses, and large corporations. During that time, she wrote and designed marketing materials, training courses and technical manuals for many types of hardware and software products. Donna’s a little slow, and it took her almost two decades and several jobs to figure out it was the whole career she didn’t like, not just each individual job. But it wasn’t until her friend Kris, who is also a knitter and writer, asked, “If you can write about how to install a hard drive, why can’t you write about how to knit?” that it dawned on Donna that she could use the skills she had to make a living in a field she loved. Today, Donna lives in the U.S. State of Vermont with her husband, mother, and three cats who all help her test the usability and comfort of her finished knitted items. You can learn more about her on her personal website.

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