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In SIS6, We’ll explore the history of recycling. From materials to ideas, everything old can be new again.

During the Civil War era, knitters were frugal and used what was on hand. Tobacco twine was used to make bedspreads, tents were unraveled and the string knit into socks, rugs were knit from cut-up shirts and dresses, and old fisherman’s sweater from Europe became arm winter wear for Americans on both side of the Mason-Dixon line.

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Why Stories In Stitches Knitting Books?

Everybody’s stories should be shared. You know knitting is special. You know that you knit love into every stitch. You know a hand knit garment carries with it the thoughts and feelings that you put into each and every stitch. You know that every project you’ve ever made can tell its own story. Now, in Stories In Stitches™, you can read about the stories of pieces designed and made by knitters throughout history and around the world. You can add your story to theirs. You can learn from their legacy of stitching and pass on your own to future generations. You can be part of a human chain made up of men and women, old and young, rich and poor, people of all ethnicities, backgrounds, and religions, all joined together through their stories and their knitting. And you can make the world a better place stitch by stitch. 

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Druchunas and Coleman, joined by a few other contributors, travel around the world, they talk with people, they share stories and forgotten bits of history, they dissect vintage knitted pieces and provide fresh new patterns. In short, they provide perfect summer reading material.
Event Horizon
My favorite piece in the book is the first essay entitled, “Full Circle,” in which Druchunas compares the cycle of a woman’s life to the act of knitting a circular shawl.
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